Fast, Simple, and Safe
The ultimate one-step, one-second emergency door locking system, placed on the bottom corner of every door, i.e., classrooms, office, cafeteria, gymnasium, exterior, entrance, etc.


Our Mission is the safety of your students, faculty and visitors. School shootings are a terrifying reality in the U.S. that happen all too frequently. According to Education Week, there have been 62 school shootings where at least one person was injured or killed since 2018. In response to school shootings, schools began implementing lockdown drills in 1999. While these practice drills are designed to prepare for the worst, a Campus Safety report found that a low portion of respondents to a 2020 Access Study, including schools, universities, and hospitals, say their lockdown hardware isn’t fast enough to protect against threats. It’s obvious that today’s traditional door lock is not enough to provide the protection – and peace of mind – that our children, parents, and educators deserve. The team behind Guardian Defender is dedicated to providing a better solution for protecting your students, faculty, visitors, and schools for decades to come.


1 Simple Step – Safety Made Simple

  1. One Step /One Second to fully lockdown Guardian XL, an intuitively designed lockdown system for teachers and faculty to operate during a school emergency or lockdown. Guardian Defender just “locks down” into a metal receiver in the concrete floor.
  2. To exit a Guardian XL locked room, use the top of your foot to tap upward to unlock the lever on the right side of the locking box. This will unlock the Guardian so you can exit the room.
  3. First Responder Access is via a proprietary tamper-proof key that facilitates quick entry into a locked Guardian XL room within seconds. The First Responder key cannot be duplicated at any big box or hardware stores.


The impact of COVID: Lockdown Drills, Guns Mental Health

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, nine out of ten public schools currently conduct active shooter lockdown drills. Of course, not all lockdown drill procedures are the same. While some districts advise educators to teach children to hide and stay quiet during a drill, other drill procedures require students to barricade doors (which Guardian Defender eliminates the need for any barricading) and equip themselves with objects to throw at a would-be attacker. Some have even gone so far as to hold mock active shooter drills with rubber pellets. The Center for Homeland Defense… Read More


Safety in a Second

Simple to install on all types of doors, including panic bar doors

Steel lockdown rod is locked into a metal receiver in the concrete floor. Substantially more secure than a door frame mounted lock.

The Guardian Defender shield mounted on the door exterior identifies the room as being fitted with the Guardian Defender and provides access for First Responders.

Room access is provided to First Responders and school staff by the proprietary First Responder Unlocking Key

The Guardian Defender compliments your existing school security measures by enhancing door security during a lockdown situation

Guardian Defender provides faculty additional safety while working after hours


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